UNICOMDES/USA, is an organization dedicated to work for the welfare of the Salvadoran community in Los Angeles, CA., with the purpose of unifying Salvadoran communities, with other communities. The members of the board of directors are committed to work for the welfare of Salvadorans and other ethnic groups in the USA.


Raul Mariona


Born in the municipality of Izalco of Sonsonate, El Salvador; his mother Victoria de Jesus Anucha and his father Jose Ricardo Mariona.

When he was fifteen he found his first formal job, as a waiter at the banquet unit at the then "Camino Real Hotel" in San Salvador, where Mr. Calzada, the head of the restaurant, offered him a basic course in hospitality and tourism; after two years and a half he had graduated.

At 21 he has to leave El Salvador because of the situation of the armed conflict and he emigrates to the United States. Once here, he began to participate along with many other young people in COSIES; a seminarian of the Methodist church, but only for a short time in the city of Calabazas. Later on he decided to work with the community, and founded a project called CAMP (Club Atletico Morazan Project). A soccer project aimed at children and teenagers from 10 years old up to 18 years of age. With this Project he works hard for more than 20 years, then he became the sports director at SANA (Salvadoran American National Association), later he is given the title of Logistic Director, when the SANA board leaves the Project Raul Mariona retakes it for 2008. Raul was commissioned to organize the event together with people of solidarity and who identified with the project. Raul Mariona graduated as a radiation technician and is in that field where he has been working for 23 years. In 2009, FUNDES was founded where, out of necessity, a large number of community leaders where contacted and reunited so that it could be developed. By the end of 2011 a new directive has to be elected and he founded the new organization that is responsible for project "El Dia de Salvadoreño". Raul Mariona was chosen to be responsible for taking the highest position of the board of directors. This is how UNICOMDES/USA is founded and by 2012 the Non-profit organization began with the creation of a plan to make "El Dia del Salvadoreño USA" what it is today. To this date Raul Mariona continues to represent UNICOMDES/USA as President successfully.


Wendy Cordero


She was born in the city of Chalchuapa, San Salvador, emigrated to the United States in 1987. She studied at Pasadena City College, in addition to finishing her career in Real Estate, conducted studies of Leadership and Organizational Capacity at California State University. Like the majority of immigrants, the journey has not been easy. She arrived to the USA without speaking the language perfectly but eager to get ahead thanks to the education, values ​​and love for others. Thanks to her hard work, in 1999 she founded her own company "The American Dream Investments Corp.", which is located in the city of Downey, California, becoming a valuable entrepreneur with a career of more than 22 years in the Real Estate Career. She became an expert in property purchase, sale service and financial analysis. She has participated in training for community leaders offered by the city of Los Angeles. In 2006, she joined as a collaborator the nonprofit organization of the Pro-Emergency Community Chalchuapaneca, COPRECHA, where she was later elected President of the Organization, which she served for two different periods in which she earned respect and the admiration of the community. She has also obtained recognition from the city of Los Angeles and the Senate from various organizations and companies that have valued her community work. Wendy is a member of the California Association of Realtors, the National Notary Association and the National Association of Professional Women. She currently coordinates different activities of UNICOMDES/USA as Vice-President for the celebration of "El Dia del Salvadoreño".


Jaime Tejeda


Born on January 1, 1959 in the city of San Salvador. At age 19 he emigrated to the United States as the vast majority working hard to get ahead after 20 years became a citizen of this country, his entire family resides in the United States. He is the father of 4 children and has 9 grandchildren. A fighter, entrepreneur and collaborator, he was a member to the nonprofit organization COPRECHA, Chalchuapaneca Pro-Emergency Community, for more than 16 years in which he held various positions such as vocal, sub-treasurer and treasurer. In 2004 he saw the need that UNICOMDES/USA had in organizing the celebration of the event and began to support them. In 2015 he joined the board of Directors and was appointed Treasurer. With wishes and the vision of making "El Dia del Salvadoreño" a reality and the greatest event ever, he continue to work, and manage in collaboration with Wendy Cordero. UNICOMDES/USA became a non-profit organization, with the vision help educate with cultural projects that strengthen our identity and roots in USA.


Oscar Cortez


Born in the municipality of Apopa, of San Salvador on January 5, 1982. He emigrated to the United States in 2001 with dreams, projects and hunger for success, like the great majority of Salvadorans, he left behind his family, her dear mother and brothers with the desire to help them and give them a better quality of life. With a lot of effort and hard work he struggled to get ahead and 15 years later; working hard he became a successful DJ, and as a party planner for many events such as weddings, birthdays and any other types of Social gatherings. In 2017 he became the Secretary of UNICOMDES/USA, allowing him to work more closely with the community and with the development of the largest Salvadoran event in Los Angeles, California.


Jesus Aguilar Maldonado


He was born on February 8, 1959, in Agua Caliente, Chalatenango, El Salvador. He lived his childhood and youth in the city of Aguilar, San Salvador, in 1980 emigrated to the United States of America for political war reasons. Residing in the city of Los Angeles, he founded the Central American Resource Center CARECEN of Los Angeles in 1983. He was a constant fighter in the defense of the civil and human rights of the Salvadoran community while residing in the United States.  He currently works at the Consulate of El Salvador in the city of Los Angeles, at the department of ​​Community Connection and Development, which allows him to maintain a fluid communication with the different community and service organizations in the city. He daily manages the supports that these organizations require to carry out their activities. The month of May of 2018 was incorporated to the board of directors of UNICOMDE/USA, with the purpose of contributing to the organization and celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Salvadoran Day festivities.


Mártir Benitez Espinoza


Born in Santa Rosa de Lima, La Union of El Salvador on November 8, 1957. Like many Salvadorans, he came to this great nation to build a future based on effort and hard work. He lives in Los Angeles since 1978. Married to Mrs. Maria Nelly Benitez for 41 years. Together they conceived 5 children; Darwin, Iris, Lerby, Ever and Alonso. He has also been blessed with a grandson by the name of Gavin. Martir Benitez, works as a contractor, but he says, that he has always worked on the world's project for the world. Martir Benitez Espinoza is one of the founders of UNICOMDES/USA and is a great supporter and collaborator in the great event of "El Dia del Salvadoreno USA".