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Every year in August, thousands of Salvadorans gather in the streets of San Salvador to Celebrate the trans-figuration of our "Divine Savior of the World" Patron Saint of El Salvador. This annual tradition marks the foundation of the village of San Salvador in 1525 in the valley of the hammocks and it celebrates the 6th of August of each year.

For the Salvadoran residents of the United States, the celebration of "The Day of the Salvadoran USA" represents a connection with the festivities of our homeland and it's great meaning. That's why many Salvadorans have joined this great event and every year since 1999 many more and Salvadorans are joining in to commemorate our festivities of our native towns in the USA.

It was the year 2000 when a group of Salvadoran leaders, led by Salvador Gómez Góchez, brought by land from the Cathedral of San Salvador, "El SALVADOR" replica of the Divine Savior of the World, to recognize this celebration as part of the Salvadoran community and their homeland.

UNICOMES / USA has converted "The Day of the Salvadorans USA" into a unique event for every Salvadoran who attends. This event brings to everyone our religious customs, culture and traditions. All in two days where the colors blue and white are carried with pride and nostalgia because of how far we are from our country, turning six blocks from the city of Los Angeles in a little bit of El Salvador (800 meters approximately) for everyone that comes.


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